Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Exclusive photoshoot with Badly Drawn Boy

Badly Drawn Boy by Sarahphotogirl

Badly Drawn Boy in Scarborough by Sarahphotogirl

Half a Badly Drawn Boy by Sarahphotogirl

Badly Drawn Boy is Born to Run

It’s not often a decent, world renowned musician comes to our sleepy seaside town, so when I noticed Badly Drawn Boy’s name in lights above the Scarborough’s Spa Theatre I presumed someone had started up a local painting class, being rather over-zealous with the class name. But no there were no murky jam jars here nor any brittle painting brushes full of cloudy powder. Just one man and his guitar (oh and his keyboard, his mouth organ and on occasion his backing band). I was really rather excited to have gained myself ten minutes of access to the man who is not only responsible for many fabulous songs which frequent the ‘favourites’ folder of my ipod but a man also responsible for penning the soundtrack to classic and lovable films such as ‘About a Boy’ and The Fattest Man in Britain’

Finally, once the sound check was over, I enticed Badly Drawn Boy aka Damon Gough into my parlour (in this instance a backstage room previously set up with my portable studio). The fruits of these ten minutes can be seen above. Damon really was a great guy. One of the best I have worked with. Considerate and chatty and very self depreciating – the very sign of a perfectionist. We are keeping in touch so watch this space and perhaps there will be more Badly Drawn Boy photography coming soon… well providing he didn’t think he was a Badly Photographed Boy that is…ok…I’m going!

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