Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Please welcome the newest member of the family and say NO to fluffy baby portraits!

Say No to Cute Baby Pictures

Just over nine months ago I had a great idea for a new series of photographs – there was only one flaw in my new photographic plan though – I needed a very small child as my subject. To be more precise I needed one of those tiny little nappy wearing humans we refer to as ‘Babies’. As there didn’t seem to be any such thing as a baby hire shop, I decided I had no choice other than to grow my own and, finally, many moons later, here she is!

Taffeta Alice Cecelia ‘Photogirl’ has already posed for her first shoot at the tender age of three weeks and I’ll be revealing the fruits of this session very soon – but for now I just wanted to make it VERY clear that I won’t be doing the usual cheesy fluff-covered vomit-inducing baby photographs expected of most photographers.

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